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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Hey freelance copywriter, we're looking at you.

Freelance copywriters are small business owners too. We apply our design-thinking and mission-based practices to create work that’s more than just a gig. 

Copywriter before Seva
Copywriter after Seva

Are you concerned where the next client will come from?

Let's face it - doing the lead dance is frustrating, time-consuming and may not be easy for you. You may just want to work and don't have time for lead generation for your own business. We've been there too - we get it. Let us do the business  and you do the copywriting work you love.

Need a place to practice your skills among working peers? 

Being a copywriting and marketing professional is so cool - and can be so difficult when you are learning on your own. Why not take on short and structured projects that fit your skill level and grow with the support of an experienced team? If you are a member of Copy Hackers Copy School, we can do that for you. (p.s. We are members too!) 

Get paid right away 

With Seva Digital's platform, you get paid when the micro-project is delivered. No more invoicing and waiting - your commission is deposited within 48 hours! Tell us how many hours you are available and we send you the micro-project clients. We provide all the tools you need, too. We support our Team with the same care as our clients. We even have an affiliate program so you can earn cash on your referrals!

Are you a member of Copy School and want to work with other Copy Schoolers? 

There's no better way to learn and grow than in a team of other talented colleagues. We love on the team and when you are ready to go solo again - or the first time? You'll be part of Team Seva Alumni, our trusted network of pros who we refer clients that need more than a micro-project. Interested? We'd love to meet you. 

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️.
Start small today for big marketing wins tomorrow.

Want more fun, ideas, and solid marketing info?

Join us on our social media for Marketing Acorns™️ videos, small business inspirational stories, good ideas and more. 

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