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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

The Lead-Gen Check Marketing Micro-project™


Number #1 problem in email marketing? THE LIST. Is it enough people? Is the right people? We have the answers.


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The #1 problem with email marketing is getting the right people on the list. The old saying goes, “list, offer, copy.” This means you need to start with a BIG list, decide on your offer, and then write the copy to convince your customers-the lead-to buy.

But what if you don’t have the list? And if you do, are the right people on your list?

It’s not unusual for other marketing agencies start at the bottom. They only sell you “high-converting copy.” The question begs to be asked — high-converting for who exactly? Even if they have fancy stats, those big claims aren’t about YOUR list, your customers, your people.

The Lead-Gen* Funnel Health Check Audit focuses on optimizing all three funnel pieces. Then, we give you recommendations for your unique business situation.

In this audit, you’ll get a deep understanding of how to plug your leaky funnel:

  • Analysis across your ENTIRE funnel from traffic driver to sign-up to follow-up emails.
  • Identify opportunities for micro-conversions to get more leads moving through your funnel
  • Geru funnel example to visualize how your funnel drives more business
  • Expert recommendations for increasing conversions with data-driven suggestions
  • Your personalized report which includes:
    • The analysis and a full explanation of what’s going on 
    • An explanation of analytics and what to look for in the future
    • The Geru example with an explanation
    • Industry conversion statistics
    • Industry digital marketing trends 
    • Analysis and our recommended next steps with our proprietary SEVA Method™️ to help you better engage with your customers
  • A video from your Team Seva consultant explaining everything

And of course, the virtual binder where all of your information will be accessible to you to use however you like.

Look at your list so your customers will take a look at you.

Good for businesses who are not seeing the open rates or responses from their emails, or need to start fresh with a new email plan.

Delivered in 2 days, because we know your business can’t wait.

*Marketing jargon for “lead generation.”


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