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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

The Hero Test Marketing Micro-project™


The Hero Test Marketing Micro-project™  Give your hero section 5 seconds and SEVA Method™ analysis. Find the conversion villains that turn customers away.


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What can you learn in 5 seconds?

Actually, quite a bit.

This Marketing Micro-project™️ is the hero of your hero section of your homepage. What’s the hero? It’s the top section of the homepage that has a graphic, a headline and a call-to-action button. It is the door your customers walk through and if they don’t like what they see? The hero section becomes the anti-hero of your your marketing conversions.

The Hero Test includes a 5 second test that gives you important information on how well your copy communicates. Your brand tells a story. How your audience feels about your business. Give your hero section 5 seconds and find the conversion villains that turn customers away.

The Hero Test Marketing Micro-project™️ includes:

  • An audit of hero section and how it relates to the homepage 
  • A 5 second test in usabilityhub.com 
  • Your personalized report with…
    • Written audit results and screenshots
    • The Usabilityhub data
    • How to interpret the Usabilityhub data
    • Industry conversion statistics
    • Industry digital marketing trends 
    • Analysis and our recommended next steps with our proprietary SEVA Method™️ to help you better engage with your customers
    • A video from your Team Seva consultant explaining everything

And of course, the virtual binder where all of your micro-project information lives and is always available to you.

Give that hero all the super-powers it needs to reach and engage your customers!

Good for businesses who question the effectiveness of their homepage and why the bounce rate is too high.

Delivered in 5 days, because we know your business can’t wait.



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