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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Headline Help Marketing Micro-project™


The headline is the most important copy on the webpage. Once 1 job, now headlines have many jobs. Are yours working?

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Once upon a time a headline had an easy job to do on a webpage. All headline needed to do was grab your attention and encourage you to keep reading. They didn’t even need to be great – or even good! We were patient readers, and SEO wasn’t really a thing.

Those days are long over, my friend.

Now headlines need to be SEO ninjas, psychological coaches and expert poets. Do you have a perfectly written headline based on SEO? It might bring in visitors but they won’t stay because it doesn’t meet them where they are. Do you have clever and beautifully written headlines that speaks your customers language? It may be missed by the search algorithms.

The headline is the most important copy on the webpage. So how do you get a ninja-coach-poet high-performing headline?

You bring in the headline experts with the ninja-coach-poet skills and promote your headlines from entry-level to polished pros.

In the Headline Help Marketing Micro-project you’ll get:

  • Voice of Customer* data analysis
  • 30 minute video interview
  • 3 new hero section headlines to choose from, plus headline, sub-header and cross-head suggestions for the rest of the page
  • Your personalized report which includes:
    • Your Voice of Customer analysis
    • 100 test headlines
    • 3 top headlines that will work best for you, and an explanation of why they were chosen
    • How to use the test headlines in web, email and social media copy
    • Industry conversion statistics
    • industry digital marketing trends
    • SEO check
    • Analysis and our recommended next steps with our proprietary SEVA Methodâ„¢ to help you better engage with your customers
  • A video from your Team Seva consultant explaining everything

And of course, the Virtual Binderâ„¢ where all of your information will be accessible to you to use however you like.

Good for businesses who are seeing high bounce rates on their webpages and/or webpages not appearing in searches by potential customers. 

Delivered in 5 days, because we know your business can’t wait.

*Voice of Customer (VOC) data is the research that tells us how your customer thinks and talks about your products, company and industry. Talking to your customer using their words is a powerful tool in copywriting and the base for customer conversion.


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