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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

3 Email Sequence Marketing Micro-project™


Complicated customer-email relationship? Turn “maybe” to “YES!”  with the 3 Email Sequence Marketing Micro-project!™️

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Do you need to bring customers who abandon cart in your e-commerce store? Want to cross-sell after a purchase? Or are you ready to rock Black Friday or Small Business Saturday with an email sequence that sells? 

Instead of using the same tired old templates available in your email service provider…

*** Get 3 new, conversion-focused emails based on your voice-of-customer data! ***

Our research methods are designed to enter the conversation going on in your customer’s head. Did you know…

  • 99% check their email everyday (Some many times a day!)
  • 59% are influenced by email to purchase products and services
  • 22% of emails are opened within an hour
  • Email marketing ROI is $36 per every $1 spent

How do we help you reach these statistics? We use high-converting copywriting frameworks to meet your buyer wherever they’re at on their customer journey. Our plug-and-play 3 Email Sequence Marketing Micro-project™️ based on email marketing best practices help you move your customers from “meh” to “YES!”

The 3 Email Sequence Marketing Micro-project includes:

  • Voice of Customer* data analysis
  • 30 minute video interview
  • 3 new conversion-focused email for 1 sequence (Black Friday/Small Business Saturday, Abandoned Cart, or Post Purchase/Cross-selling)
  • Your personalized report which includes:
    • Your Voice of Customer analysis
    • Your emails
    • A complete explanation of the framework we used and how you can use it again
    • Industry conversion statistics
    • Industry digital marketing trends 
    • SEO check
    • Analysis and our recommended next steps with our proprietary SEVA Method™️ to help you better engage with your customers
  • A video from your Team Seva consultant explaining everything

And of course, the virtual binder where all of your information will be accessible to you to use however you like.

Take your email relationship to the next level with our expert copywriters.

Good for businesses who don’t have enough time to write emails to their list and want a plug ‘n play solution.

Delivered in 7 days, because we know your business can’t wait.

*Voice of Customer (VOC) data is the research that tells us how your customer thinks and talks about your products, company and industry. Talking to your customer using their words is a powerful tool in copywriting and the base for customer conversion.

**ROI (Return on Investment) is the ratio of revenue to your marketing expenses and is an important metric to track for marketing success. Check out this great explanation by the folks at Insightly. 


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