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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️


Small projects. Big gains.

In one week, turn your sleepless nights into more marketing know-how

See the Marketing Micro-projects™️ available today

See how Marketing Micro-projects™ can make your life simpler, save time and respect your margins so you can make more money.

We understand that you have other important things to do with your time...

...so we designed a system that is simple and is ready when you are. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... 

Step 1: Choose the Marketing Micro-project that you need in our e-commerce store. Not sure where to begin? Start with our quiz below. 

Step 2: Your order is not processed until we verify the micro-project fits you needs. Is it a good fit for your business goals right now? We’ll get started. If not? We’ll guide you to a different micro-project that will give you the results you need. Not interested? We’ll cancel your order. 

Step 3: You are connected with a Team Seva member and the work on your Marketing Micro-project™️ begins. Get your focused and personalized marketing solution in 10 days or less.

Get back to what you do best and we’ll do the rest. 

Simple marketing fixes start here

Not sure where to begin? We have a quiz for that. 

Spend a few minutes to answer the questions that matter to you. Do you need a fresh look at your marketing assets? A tweak to your headlines? Research to find out what your customer is thinking and what they want?

No more wasted time guessing at what will fix your marketing problems. What’s inside?

  • Audits: The fresh look 
  • Copy: The words behind conversion 
  • Microcopy: User experience in words
  • Research: Discovering what’s important
  • Validation: What works, what doesn’t

And it’s fun too! 

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Who's a good agency

Doing the right thing is our thing

We may move fast, but effective marketing moves slowly. Like micro-projects, a good marketing program is all about taking the small–but focused– baby steps towards real growth. This is why we provide you with industry conversion statistics so you understand how to gauge your progress.

Marketing is both a science and an art. Our job is to make you money and we take that very seriously.

If after 60 days you are concerned that your micro-project is not performing as expected, let us know. We’ll look at the data and either re-do your micro-project or give you your money back. Simple. See our faqs page for more information. 

Any questions? Email us at team@sevadigital.com 

Here's what's in store for your digital marketing

The Audits

Good for businesses who know they need to change their digital marketing but don’t know where to start.

Are you wondering what is wrong with your webpage, and why the bounce rate is so high? Or maybe everything is right, but you are not getting visitors? Or perhaps your emails are not getting opened as often as you would like? 

An audit is a deep look into a web page or emails to find missed opportunities to connect with your customer. We will look at every detail in the copy and structure of your asset. All of the audit micro-projects include a 5 second test from www.usabilityhub.com so you have real information that you can use. 

Check out the Audit Marketing Micro-projects™ here. 


Good for business with web pages, emails, and other written assets in need of a re-write for higher conversions.

Copy is the path your customers take when engaging with your web pages, emails, ads and even social media. It is marketing science, psychology, and copywriting technique. Your copy meets your audience wherever they are and takes them by the hand to where you are. If it’s effective, you’ve got a deal. If it’s not, you’ve lost an opportunity. Copy is the foundation of everything in your digital marketing. Copywriting is our super-power, and the base of everything we do. 

Check out the Copy Marketing Micro-projects™ here.  


Good for businesses considering the user experience of their digital marketing and how to direct their customers to a yes.

Microcopy is also one of the most powerful ways to make small changes and get big results. 

Every button you’ve ever clicked, the directions you’ve followed in an online store, or the instructions on how to use a new app is microcopy. Those few words can make or break the experience of a user and determine if they will engage with your product or service. (Coming soon!)

Check out the Microcopy Marketing Micro-projects™ here. 


Good for businesses who need to clarify their messaging to engage and convert their potential customers.

We do the research; the due diligence. Understanding the customer, the industry and trends is what makes digital marketing effective. The research is the engine that moves your marketing forward to your goals.

Not only is research the most powerful component of a successful marketing program, it is also the most cost-effective. Research once and re-use the information for up to a year in all of your marketing efforts. At Seva Digital, we make it simple for you to access all of your research anytime in your always available Virtual Binder™️. 

If there’s a problem in your marketing and you don’t know how to fix it, start with the research. 

Check out the Research Marketing Micro-projects™️ here. (Coming soon!)


Good for businesses wondering how customers respond to their digital marketing and where to make the right changes for higher conversions. 

Testing allows you to harness the power of data analytics even if you have no traffic. It gives you a window into your customers behavior to see what they will do next. 

If you want to increase profits . . . increase the actions that lead to conversion.

Another reason to consider testing? You may be wasting your  time “trying” out new techniques when it would be more effective to optimize what you’ve got. Not sure what piece of the marketing puzzle is working and which piece is dead weight? Validation, testing and adjusting, is the place to begin. 

Check out the Validation Marketing Micro-projects™️ here.

The Marketing Micro-projects™ Store

Solve your marketing problems fast so you can get back to doing what you love. 

More Marketing  Micro-projects™ are in development! What’s coming In October 2022 …

  • E-commerce Product Descriptions Marketing Micro-project™
  • Facebook Ads Marketing Micro-project™

Click in the box to read the description of each micro-project and what it can do for your marketing!

Do you know that your blog could be a powerful tool in getting traffic to your website but have no idea on how to get start optimizing your blog’s SEO? We can show you how to get started!


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The headline is the most important copy on the webpage. Once 1 job, now headlines have many jobs. Are yours working?


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Number #1 problem in email marketing? THE LIST. Is it enough people? Is the right people? We have the answers.  


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The Hero Test Marketing Micro-project™  Give your hero section 5 seconds and SEVA Methodâ„¢ analysis. Find the conversion villains that turn customers away.  


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Complicated customer-email relationship? Turn “maybe” to “YES!”  with the 3 Email Sequence Marketing Micro-project!™️


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The One Webpage Audit Marketing Micro-project™️! Includes a user test, a SEVA Method™ analysis, and an SEO check. Banish the bounce rate with a fresh look!


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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️.
Start small today for big marketing wins tomorrow.

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