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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

What if I hate my Marketing Micro-project™️?!?

That’s a fair question. 

When an order comes through our system, we connect with you before the order is processed to make sure you have chosen the best solution for your marketing problem. If it’s right, we’ll process the order and start your micro-project. If not, we’ll suggest another micro-project or refer you to one of our many amazing colleagues. Why is this important? 

Because we won’t start unless we are confident it will make you money. 

Most projects have a revision step, so you can make changes as needed before your micro-project is delivered. If after 60 days your analytics tools are showing that conversions have not matched or exceeded the industry averages, we’ll redo your micro-project or refund your money. Simple. Just email us at team@sevadigital.com if you have any concerns and we’ll take a look at it. 

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple and is not much different than buying anything else on the internet. You go to the store, choose your micro-project, and go through the check-out process. Next, there are 3 steps. 

  1. Within 48 hours* you will receive an email with 2 important links: one is your Virtual Binder™️, and the other is a form where we will ask you questions about your needs. Do fill out the form as soon as you can. Once that is complete, we verify that the micro-project is a good fit for you and a member of Team Seva is assigned. If we feel it is not a good fit for you, we will reach out to you. Your credit card is not charged until the order is verified. 
  2. Most micro-projects: You will receive and email from your Team Seva member requesting you schedule a 30 minute call. The team member will gather all the information they need to complete your project. You have 1 revision to make everything right for you.  Audit Micro-projects: No call is needed! We’ll just get right to work. There are no revisions with audits but questions are welcomed. 
  3. We deliver your micro-project! You’ll receive a detailed report and video explaining everything we did and why, along with industry information. Everything that was used to create your micro-project will be kept in an online account we call the Virtual Binder™️. It is always accessible to you free of charge. You own it and can use the information with whenever you need or take it with you wherever you go. 

*Our workweek is 8am – 5pm EST. 

Here’s a video that explains it all. Questions? Email team@sevadigital.com

Who do you hire to do these micro-projects?

Our team is hand selected from an elite group of professional marketers within the Copy Hackers community and other professional communities. Many of us also have impressive other qualifications and experience, so you have access to more than just great copywriting. Check out the Team Seva page for more details about each team member and their expertise. 

Are you interested in joining Team Seva? Let us know here. 

Why can't I order more than one micro-project at a time?


Our system is built so one order is matched with one team member. Currently we do not have the capacity to process two micro-projects at one time but hope to be able to do so in 2023. 

What's your privacy policy?

We take privacy seriously. Read more here. 

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