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Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️

Burned by marketing promises? We put out the fire.

The affordable marketing agency for your small business

Burned by marketing promises? We put out the fire.

The affordable marketing agency for your small business

You want fast, simple and affordable

You have ideas – what you don’t have is time. 

You don’t have time for the constant pitches that keep you from really important work. Broken refrigerators. Venders that need to be paid. Staff you love…even when they drive you crazy. You want more time , more money and the business to operate smoother. You don’t want to stay up all night looking for information you can trust and is not full of buzzwords. You are really desperate for good marketing that doesn’t break the bank, you can execute fast and doesn’t take you all damn day to get done. 

You can’t spend hours, or sometimes days, researching marketing solutions. You hire someone to do the job, and then the next person, and before you know it you have to say goodbye to everything you did before because nothing works together. 

Make more money with less (marketing) effort

Introducing the best small business marketing services that deliver exactly what you need when you need them. Small in scope but mighty in impact. We call them Marketing Micro-projects™. You need a website checked out and the headlines redone for higher conversions? We got that. Just need 3 emails you can use as a base to send your customers? We got that too. 

You don’t need a high priced marketing project that will take months to finish. You need an agency built on an automated e-commerce platform that can deliver your micro-project in days not weeks. And because we are built for speed and scale? Our marketing solutions cost less and save you money.

Built for small business by people who understand business

The founder has an M.B.A who understands the business environment and how business works.  The comprehensive view of your business is key to getting your marketing right – and what other copywriters often miss. We include industry data and customer trends in your marketing micro-project. We know that margins are everything and we won’t suggest a solution unless we are confident you will make more money. 

What else is key? The badass collection of copywriters, SEO and marketing experts we call Team Seva. Our pros are verified and credentials checked to ensure you are working with the best. 

The marketing agency you are supposed to outgrow

We keep all of your projects and customer research in a “virtual binder” that you can use anytime and anywhere. The next time you need marketing help? We already have the information needed to deliver your solution fast. What else? You don’t need to explain everything all over again to someone new because our team works together. Our efficiency saves you time. 

But that’s not the best part. 

Think of the Virtual Binder™ as the patient records in our medical marketing practice. Your research, your data, and your micro-projects belong to you. If you want to work with us again? Great! We have what we need. Time to move on to another agency? No problem! Take your virtual binder to where you need to go next. It’s yours! 

Finally marketing you can rely on.

An image explaining the process of the 2 sided marketplace

Get an M.B.A.? Not my thing. Never.

I’m Paula McConnell, the founder of Seva Digital. I had a plan and marketing was not it. I was a design thinking practitioner who worked in international development. I was going to help. Create change. 

It is the radical way design thinking opens your eyes that forced me to understand I had it wrong. 

Real social and economic change comes from economic development at the personal level. This realization changed my life. It became my seva. 

I worked in non-profit organizations wondering why people’s lives didn’t change, until I saw the power of owning one’s own business. I saw individuals change lives because they could direct their economic destiny. I saw groups organize and make changes in the marketplace. 

I saw small businesses change the world, and I wanted to be there. 

I went to graduate school for a business and innovation education. I got an MBA, and I also got serious about marketing.

Paula Mcconnell

I am humbled by the small business owners I know who are struggling to find clear and concrete solutions. Seva means devoted service, and my mission became creating simple and affordable marketing tools that could be delivered quickly using technology. 

This knowledge, experience and passion? It is devoted to your success. 

Join this inventor, dreamer and maker – try a fresh approach to your marketing challenges. 

Let’s go change the world, one small business at a time. 

We look at the big picture so the small things are right

Our platform is built on research and attention to detail. It’s the same process we use to get your marketing right. The SEVA Method™️ is a blend of 5 different domains to create a new way of looking at how we communicate with our customers. We use the tools from each domain to give a fresh look to your marketing. 

  • What is the story being told? Are we engaging with our customers as storytellers? Is the value to our customers the end of the story, and so they want to hear another? 
  • How well do we know our customers? Do we feel for them? Have we experienced their experience? 
  • How much data and information do we have about what our customers need? How much do we know about how they interact with our business? What do they want us to know? 
  • Have we thought about how this impacts our business? What do we need to do next? 
  • Are we meeting the needs of the whole audience with accessible marketing assets? 

This methodology-our philosophy-is baked into everything we do. 

Graphic that breaks down The SEVA Methodology

Fast, simple and affordable Marketing Micro-projects™️.
Start small today for big marketing wins tomorrow.

You don't need an MBA to know how to market right for your business.

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